lost kids found a home.

I'm gone, but I left everything here for you.

A letter to Emma.

 Dear Emma,

You’re not feeling too good today, and I can tell from the way you’re typing, and the way it’s not filled with excitement. You told me you got into a fight with somebody, and I’m not sure what it was about but I’ve got a few things to remind you of; you’re amazing, and you’re funny and you light up my world like nobody else. Also, I’m glad you don’t send me Niall pictures like I send you Robert pictures. I think I’d explode. If you weren’t funny I wouldn’t talk to you. I look forward to signing onto tumblr and seeing your little shit comments on God knows what. They make me laugh, and you don’t even have to put any effort into it.

When I showed up in the community, I honestly didn’t think I’d make any friends because I have the tendency to scare people off, or annoy them. I’m glad you spoke to me- or maybe I spoke to you, I don’t even remember. But I’m glad we talk practically everyday. And you might feel down today, but I’ll work my ass off to make you smile again, because although I’ve never seen your smile, I bet it’s worth the world.

This sounds like a cheesy love letter. Oh Emma, dear emma, won’t you go the fuck out with me. If you don’t I’ll rub Robert Sheehan’s face and you won’t like that much. Oh woe is me. I’m done. Check…wait, what was that saying? You corrected me once but I don’t think I’ll ever remember it.


the state.

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